Tips to Staying Young and Vibrant

January 27, 2023 3 min read

Forever Young...

Isn’t that what everyone’s goal is??

To stay forever young and vibrant?!

While it’s not biologically possible to remain young forever, I think it’s a fantastic goal for all of us to strive for and to do our best to look and feel good!

Obviously there are many ways to try to beat “Father Time” (who by the way is undefeated), but many of those options are very costly, can have substantial risks (surgeries), and can go very very wrong.

We have all seen it!

So the safest and most practical approach to maintain our youthful appearance is through healthy living. 

I took some time and compiled a list of what I believe to be the best and most healthy strategies so we can at least fight til the bell with “Father Time”

So here is your youth serum…

Eat a healthy diet:  Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, berries, and healthy fats provide your body with nutrients to keep your body and brain young. Powerful antioxidants from fruits, berries and veggies fight off the free radicals that damage our cells and also lowers inflammation . The fats and protein provide the tools to recover from daily damage and can greatly improve joint health, brain power, and skin elasticity.

Regular exercise:Physical activity is paramount in maintaining our youth. The saying “use it or lose it” is 100% accurate. Our bodies are built for movement and exercise is essential to cardiovascular health, maintaining muscle mass, bone density, energy levels, and strength and endurance. I would recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise of any sort most days of the week, if possible. 

Stress management: Stress is the “silent killer” for a reason. It can have such deteriorating effects on our minds and bodies that it's arguably the most important on this list to get under control. Not only can it have massively negative implications on our physical and mental health, but it often presents itself in the form of acne and eczema as well as wrinkles and lines which can cause our skin to look older and unhealthy. Managing stress can be difficult at times but practicing techniques like meditation, deep breathing and relaxing/enjoyable activities will greatly reduce those skin irritations as well as improving overall health and longevity.

Hygiene:  I know for most of us this one is common sense, however it’s importance can’t be overstated. Simply brushing our teeth, showering, and maintaining our appearance can shave years off of our perceived ages. Simple but effective. 

Sleep: Of course I am going to talk about sleep! We all know that we look older when we aren’t sleeping properly. The puffy eyes. The black circles. The low energy and shallow mood. We all know that these are typically related to poor quality sleep or inadequate sleep. However it goes much deeper than that. When we sleep we recover and build. It’s the most anabolic (growth) period of our day (the only time really). This is also when our bodies' growth hormones are the highest and when we produce collagen. Collagen is a protein that strengthens connective tissue, but helps to keep our skin elastic, smooth, and youthful! Proper sleep of 7-9 hours per night is ideal and will greatly reduce the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles!

Hydration:  Water is our life force and makes up about 60% of our bodies. Staying hydrated is not only essential to life and health, but will keep our skin looking vibrant and healthy while pushing out nasty toxins that contribute to our accelerated  aging process. I’d aim for a minimum of ½ gallon of water per day and preferably up to 1 gallon for those who are active (which you should be after reading this 😉) or in higher temperature climates where water loss is more prevalent. 

I hope this helps y’all and we can all start taking positive steps towards capturing our youth for as long as possible. Not only just to look better and younger, but to take care of our bodies and minds as a whole! 

I believe that following all or even some of these tips, a noticeably more youthful appearance and an overall improvement in health and wellbeing are within striking distance.

“Father Time” better bring his A-game 🥊

Stay young friend,

Kirk Parsley MD